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“ Finding a contractor to do the roofing on my house was not going to be easy as I had been told many stories on jobs going wrong, poor service, lack of clean up etc.

I called a few places and was given some promises of quotes…some places never returned a quote to me. When I reached Mike at Williams Roofing the answers were direct, Mike knew what he was talking about and had an extensive knowledge base from his 30 or more years in the business. His verbal quote to me was given, then within a day or so I had the written quote and they matched up.

During the roofing work being done, my house lacked the plywood sheets covering the roof framing. Mike was straight up and honest, even conducting the transaction for the plywood on the phone with me listening.

The job was done quickly with minimal impact on the home. It was very apparent that Mike and his crew knew what they were doing.

I would highly recommend Williams Roofing for any flat roof job that needs to be done. “

~ Robert Burns

To Whom It My Concern
I have just been through the process of re-sheathing and re-roofing my house. I had four quotes and chose Williams Roofing to do the job. The quote price was more than fair and the new torch-on roof has outstanding craftsmanship evident in every seam and every perfect flashing joint. There were no surprises in the quote price, even though some small changes where requested and cheerily carried out. This is the second time i have used Williams Roofing and I will certainly do so again.I highly recommend Mike and his crew, all experienced roofers for many years and would be happy to talk to anyone about my pleasant re-roofing experience Yours Sincerely

~ Mike Lawler

Hi Mike………We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job on our new roof. We couldn’t believe the long hours you worked, while the days were so hot, to get the job completed. We also wanted to thank you for helping us 17 years ago when we had a problem with the SE corner of the roof. At that time the roof was only 7 years old and the drainpipe had cracked inside the roof. The company that had originally installed the roof was out of business ….. we called another roofing company who told us that our 7 year old roof was not installed properly and had to be replaced. You, on the other hand, were honest with us and repaired the broken drainpipe and told us our roof would last for years to come. We never forgot your honesty and when it came time to replacing our roof we knew we wanted to deal with Williams Roofing. Good luck over the summer months…hope you get lot’s of work and please feel free to use us as a reference.

~ Tom & Pat Copp

I have definitely been satisfied with the quality of work Williams Roofing has produced for My Home. Its only through their thorough assistance and efforts that i have been able to get the quality roof and work in a very short span of time.

~ John Mathews

This is to certify that William Roofing & Drainage Ltd. has done a marvelous on roofing job. We are very pleased with his job and at the same time the price was very reasonable. They did a new torch on roof costing over thirty thousand dollars for us. They also did some extra jobs without any cost to us.

We have no hesitation in recommending to any company. We wish them well and look forward to use their service if we require in future.

~ Harry Gopal Vice President

Dear Mike and Crew,
Just wanted to thank you again for helping us with our drain problem in Fraser Heights. We appreciated your knowledge and hard work and the fact that you never gave up. There are few companies with the work ethic you showed us being available at all hours and your workers were very polite. I have given your name and number to a neighbour in our area and recommended they call you as they are currently getting quotes to do their roof. Best regards,
15876 114th Avenue
Surrey, B.C. V4N 1R6

~ Fred and Lynne Mould

Mike, Steve and entire crew A huge THANK YOU for the excellent Torch on roof job you did on my manufactured home. From the quote to the awesome finished roof you and the crew were honest, straightforward, efficient and the service was friendly. It was an absolute pleasure and the price was reasonable too! Thanks again for making this shocker roof issue I was strapped with, a whole lot less painful!

~ L Gable

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