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Cedar Shake Cleaning

How Cleaning Your Roof Can Prove Beneficial

If any damages occur on the exterior it affects the interior of the house as well. A broken window pane may invite wind, dust and rain into the house, while a cracked roof will allow leakages inside the house. All this could prove to be a big loss as your house will definitely comprise things of value. Any harm to the exterior that is currently protecting the interior will definitely spoil the things inside.

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Roof Cleaning

Cleaning the exterior of the house every now and then will prevent it from decay or damage. A Cedar Shake Cleaning can be tricky as the surface of the roof consists of layered slabs.

With due course of time, stained cedar roof has a tendency of discoloring, the black coloring or darkening of the cedar is most commonly caused by the growth of mold on its surface. The materials used for staining the cedar roof contain natural materials which can feed molds and generate their growth so it is necessary to clean your roofs using cleaning solutions.

A proper cleaning of the cedar roof with the cleaning solution will prevent it from discoloring by removing the discoloring agents

Measures for cleaning the roof

  • Climbing a roof for cleaning can prove dangerous, as the growth of molds on the surface of the roof will make it slippery. So make sure to wear safety ropes and in case of rainfall, first let the roof dry.
  • Oxygen bleaches are ideal for cleaning cedar shakes. A solution of the bleach and water when applied needs to be soaked for a few minutes and then carefully scrubbed. The debris can be washed off using water through a garden hose.

For the best repair and cleaning solution you will have to hire trained professionals who will provide all the services and maintenance required for helping your home sustain its original form.
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