Three Benefits of Video Drainage Inspection

Video drainage inspection is a quick, efficient, and nuisance-free way to diagnose a problematic drain. A great thing about video drainage inspection is that unlike manual inspection, a very small area is required to be broken in it. The problematic area is identified with the video camera, and only that area is broken. Moreover, after the repair is done, the drain system can be monitored to determine – everything is fine now.

Here are the top three benefits of video drainage inspection.

Saves Time

Identifying a drain problem and the problem location manually may take several hours, but it can be done in very little time – in an hour or two – via video inspection. As a result, you get the same day solution, too. But, you cannot get this assurance with manual inspection. The manual drain inspection may take almost the entire day, and the expert may have to come the next day, too, to fix the issue. Once their work is done, you have to call a mason to repair the broken floors and walls. Contrarily, when it is done with the help of a video, a very small portion is required to be broken, which can also be repaired the same day.

Saves Money

A manual inspection takes several hours that makes it an expensive process, whereas the video inspection takes a short time and due to which it is a cost-effective process. In manual inspection, that whole area in which your drains are installed may be broken to identify the problem. So, once the problem is fixed, you have to spend on their repair as well. On the other hand, when the drainage analysis and diagnosis is done with the help of a CCTV camera, the plumbers break only the area of problem that reduces the repair cost a lot.

Less Inconvenient

When drainage analysis, diagnosis, and repair are done manually, you notice debris everywhere, and you may feel problems in using your bathroom and kitchen until the problem is resolved.

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