Signs Your Home Need an Immediate Drainage Solution

Drainage problems should not be ignored because they can cause serious structural damage to your property. Do you know how to identify a drainage problem in your home? Here are some signs that indicate a drain problem in your home.

Gushing Gutters

Gushing gutters indicate a drainage problem in your home. Dirty water of your home can gush out of your gutters for two reasons – the gutters are undersized or improperly pitched, or they are blocked with dead leaves and debris.Whatever may be the reason, you cannot ignore the issue at all because over time, it can cause structural damage to your home.

Stains in the Basement

Stains on the foundation walls indicate problems with your gutters. Maybe your gutter is overflowing and water is coming from it. If you notice the stain in a line around the basement, there is a probability that your basement is below the level of municipal drain system.

Cracks in the Foundation

Foundations often have cracks. But, if these cracks widen with time, you should not take them lightly, but call a drainage system expert to check your gutters because a drainage problem can be behind the issue. Ignored, this problem can ruin the foundation of your home.

White or Gray Crust on the Basement Walls

White or gray crust on the basement walls signals that your gutters have problems. You should not take this problem lightly because there is a chance that water is spalling and putting the integrity of your home’s foundation at risk.

Mildew in the Attic

The presence of mildew in the attic of your home indicates that there is a problem at the ground level. Mildew may occur for two reasons – one, the bathroom fan is taking the hot air into the attic; two, moisture is coming from the basement.Call a drainage expert. They will inspect your drains and determine the real cause of concern.

When you notice any of the above mentioned signs, you should immediately look for an expert in drainage solution Surrey. The best thing is, you have already found one. We have been providing draining repair and installation for more than 40 years. Call us now.