How to Remove Drainage Blockages

Blocked drainage makes the life hell. You cannot bathe, wash your hands, clean up dirty clothes, wash your utensils, and clean vegetables and other raw substances to cook your meals. In addition to this, the bad odour coming from the drains makes spending time in your home difficult.

Being well aware of the difficulties triggered by drainage blockages, we have brought you some tips to help you clean the drainage blockages in your home.

#1# Boil water in a large amount and pour it into the drains in your home. Do this activity several times. The hot water will fight the grease buildup and may unclog the blockage. The water must be hot because lukewarm water will not be effective.

#2# Soda bicarbonate, a mixture of soda and vinegar, can be quite effective to remove drain blockage. Take vinegar in a significant amount and then add soda to it. To make it more effective, you can add salt to the mixture as well. Pour the solution into the drains and leave it for 3-4 hours. If you can leave it for overnight that will be excellent. Then, pour hot water in the drainage. The drain blockage will most probably go.

#3# Ammonia disintegrates the soap scum buildups. Pour ammonia into the drain and leave it for 2-3 hours and then pour water into the drain. The blockage should open. Don’t add bleach or vinegar to ammonia because adding either of them to it will create a toxic solution that will create toxic fumes.

#4# Coca cola that you take to feel relaxed in summer and that you serve to your guests in parties can unblock the drain blockages. Take a 2l bottle of coca cola, pour it into the drains, and then leave it for some time. Then clean the drain with hot water.

#5# You can use a plunger to open the blockage in the drainage. When you are going to use the plunger, cover you properly.

If you don’t want to take a chance and want to get quick relief from the problem, then you should call an expert drainage solutions provider. If you are in Surrey, you can call us. We provide expert drainage solutions. Plus, we provide specialized solutions for roofing in Surrey as well. So, we will clean your drains and inspect your roof to detect if any problem it has.