How Many Walk Pads Will Be Enough for Your Commercial Roofing Project in Surrey?

Walk pads protect your commercial roof from damages caused by people walking or working on it. The walk pads can be made of the same material that has been used to build your roof or something highly compatible. Once pads get damaged, you can easily remove them. Moreover, they don’t add to the land fill, because they are recyclable.

So, if you are planning a commercial roofing installation or replacement, you should not ignore walk pads for commercial roofing in Surrey. On this recommendation, you may wonder how many pads you will need for your project, because walk pads are pricey and they inhibit the water flow on your roof.

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You should consider walk pads for the areas where you have installed different equipment on your roof because technicians will need to access these areas to repair or replace the equipment over time., You should also install the walk pads between two machines installed on your roof, because the technicians may have to move from one machine to another. However, if you know there will be high traffic on your roof, then you should consider walk pads for the entire roof. Instead of putting the walk pads in a way that they meet one another, you should put them at the distance of one foot apart.

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