Clay Roofing: Durable Roofing Option

Clay roofing is one of the popular roofing choice of many house owners. These tiles are available in a variety of colors, profiles, styles and shapes. There is lot of scope for incorporating variety and style to your house roof.


It is believed that the clay tiles are used since ancient times. In the modern era, overlapping and interlocking tiles are made by baking clay in high temperature kilns. If you are one of those who prefer extreme durability, you can choose green clay tile. These tiles are popular for extreme weather resistance and anti rot qualities.

Tile Types

Since these tiles are capable of resisting any type of weather conditions, there is a huge demand of such tiles in the market. For an English style like look, flat tiles are preferred. However, for Spanish-style or old world European looks, curved tiles are used. Clay tiles are popular for other reasons like aerodynamic installation and inherent design. Glazed tiles allow increased resistance against freezing, absorption and salty winds.

Enhances the Appearance

If you want to add value to your present house, you should take care of roof repair and maintenance and make a competitive sales listing. Clay tiles are expensive and are mostly preferred for its natural appearance and beauty. To conclude, we can say that clay roofs are eye-catching, versatile and mostly preferred to enhance the beauty of a house while increasing the durability as well.