Hire Professionals for Metal Roofing Installation

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Metal roofing installation is one of the most preferred options both for residential and commercial set-ups these days. Also popular under the name of a tin roof, this type of roofing system is composed of metal pieces or tiles. Lightweight, durability, portability, hail resistant, wind resistant, fire resistant, energy efficient, etc. forms some of the prominent features of metal roofing installation.


When it comes to the installation of metal roofs at a property, taking help from a professional company is considered as the best option. The process being a bit tough cannot be carried out by every person. Proper know-how and understanding of installation process and materials is necessary. With professional roofing services in Vancouver on your side, you can expect better and high quality work. Professionals always employ the right tools and equipment to ensure 100% client satisfaction. Moreover, they know what kind of materials can help customers achieve long-lasting results.

Types of Popular Shingle Roofing

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Shingles are popular and mostly, economical roofing styles followed all over the world. Right across North America to Europe to the East, shingles are preferred choice for roofing by homes and businesses.

Shingles are overlapping elements of roofing materials and give a distant look to the roof. The elements are rectangular in shape and flat on the surface. The shingles are made of a variety of materials. Some of the popular materials used include asphalt, slate, metal, cement, wood, and ceramic. The ceramic shingle roofing is popular known as tile roofing.

Shingle roofing imparts an elegant and attractive look to the roofs. They are compact and ensure proper protection of the building. Most shingle roofing types are cost-effective and last for a long time. They require maintenance from time to time; however, the best materials stand the test of time and do not cost a fortune for their repair.

The 3 popular types of Shingles used in roofing are:

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt is a composite material or organic material used for shingle. They last a maximum of 20 years or more and depend on the warranty offered by a specific manufacturer. The use of fiber sheet or ceramic granule coating is popular for this type of shingle roofing.

They are economical variety of shingle roofing. They are easy to install and easy on pocket for installation as well as maintenance. In addition, one spends less time, effort and money in putting up an asphalt shingle roofing in place.

Fiberglass Shingles

Fiberglass shingles is another popular type of shingle roofing. They resemble asphalt shingles to a great extent. However, they are more durable and comparatively, costlier than their asphalt counterpart.

The use of fiberglass matt instead of paper for the foundation of these shingles makes them resistant to fire. Hence, fiberglass shingles are safer than asphalt shingles.

Fiberglass shingles are brittle and do not stand the test of time in extreme cold climates as well as high winds.

Architectural or Laminated Shingles

Architectural shingles, also known as the laminated shingles, are made up of two layers of shingles. The double layer makes them heavier and ideal for high wind regions. They withstand high winds and extreme climates better than their other counterparts.

Architectural shingles are more attractive and give a three-dimensional appearance to the roofs. They give it a wood roofing appearance and in some cases, the expensive varieties resemble slate or other architectural roofing styles.

All the shingles have their specific importance and use. Some property owners prefer to use one over the other. On the whole, shingle roofing is economical and offer easy, quick and affordable roof installation, re-roof and repair options to the owners.

Clay Roofing: Durable Roofing Option

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Clay roofing is one of the popular roofing choice of many house owners. These tiles are available in a variety of colors, profiles, styles and shapes. There is lot of scope for incorporating variety and style to your house roof.


It is believed that the clay tiles are used since ancient times. In the modern era, overlapping and interlocking tiles are made by baking clay in high temperature kilns. If you are one of those who prefer extreme durability, you can choose green clay tile. These tiles are popular for extreme weather resistance and anti rot qualities.

Tile Types

Since these tiles are capable of resisting any type of weather conditions, there is a huge demand of such tiles in the market. For an English style like look, flat tiles are preferred. However, for Spanish-style or old world European looks, curved tiles are used. Clay tiles are popular for other reasons like aerodynamic installation and inherent design. Glazed tiles allow increased resistance against freezing, absorption and salty winds.

Enhances the Appearance

If you want to add value to your present house, you should take care of roof repair and maintenance and make a competitive sales listing. Clay tiles are expensive and are mostly preferred for its natural appearance and beauty. To conclude, we can say that clay roofs are eye-catching, versatile and mostly preferred to enhance the beauty of a house while increasing the durability as well.

Why Is Roof Maintenance Necessary in All Seasons?

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Your roof takes the maximum beating throughout the year and throughout all seasons. It is arguably the first and the last place of your property that fights heavy storm, rain, snow fall and more. The roof easily wears out and flakes at places. It can suffer from water seepage, broken tiles, development of molds, lichens, algae and more.

Leak repairs

Roofs can easily get damaged with time. There can be development of cracks and breaks at places. There are a wide range of leaks that appear on the surface and underneath the layers of a roofing system. A seasoned roofing contractor offers adequate services of the repair of the minor as well as major leakages in the roof.

De-moss roof!

Roof moss can cause the maximum damage to your roofing system as well as the ceilings. It is important to get your roofing systems de-mossed as frequently as possible and within the schedule. Do not miss out to remove the roof moss on time!

Destroy Lichen and Algae

Lichen and algae grow after a rainy season or heavy snowfall. Excessive rainfall results in the development of molds, algae and lichen on your roofing system. They start growing under the roofing materials and leads to cracking and breaks at different points.

Clean Gutters

The gutter systems of your roof can also get clogged at places. If not treated properly and on time, they can result in water logging in the walls and damage of the ceilings as well as walls.

The roofing system of your house needs to be maintained on a regular basis to avoid the development of the nasty moss, lichens and more. You need the expert services of a professional roof maintenance company in Surrey. Timely and regular maintenance helps in keeping your roofing system clear of moss and also keeping it fresh and good as a newly installed roof.

Finding the Best Surrey Roofing Contractor for your Home

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Your home is special and so is its roofing. You cannot afford to have a leaking roof or a damaged roofing system and do nothing about it. Even if you are planning to get a new roof installed for your home, then you need the expert services of a Surrey roofing contractor. A roofing contractor is adept in working on different types of roofs, their repair and maintenance.

Surrey Roofing

For proper installation of a new roofing system, one needs to be sure about the kind of roof they want to install. They can have discussions with a roofing expert in relation to the roofing needs of their house and what would be the best choice for it. There are a variety of roofing materials available in the market that varies in accordance to the costing, maintenance and durability. Therefore, one can plan according to their budget and choice and work on installing the most appropriate roofing system for their home that suits their pocket as well as requirement. The consideration for the climatic conditions is also important in this regard.

In order to find the best Surrey roofing contractor for your home, you need to consider a few factors. These include market reputation of the company, years of experience in the industry and expertise in working on different types of roofing system. A quality roofing service provider has the right equipment and tools to ensure quality service every time. They are well-equipped and well-trained to work on different roofing systems, their installation, repair and maintenance.

Four Roofing Materials To Keep Your Roof Cool

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When it comes to choosing a roofing material for your home, you should not delay making a choice. We recommend you research different roofing materials available on the market and then make your decision. The wrong choice can create difficulty for you to live in your home during summer months because incorrect roofing material affects inside temperature of the property.

In this blog, we are going to inform you about four roofing materials that can keep your home cool in summer.

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are amongst the most durable roofing materials. They can serve your home for more than a century. Next, these are fire resistant and can reduce the heat absorbed by the building, so the property will remain cool. The slate tiles are available in an excellent range of colour options. However, when you talk about their installation, you cannot just approach any roofing services in Surrey. You should hire an expert for the task who has already installed slate tiles.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles do not absorb heat but reflect it. So, the roof and the property remain cool during summer. It is strong enough to deal with most storms. It can bear storms up to 120 miles/hour. Concrete tiles are fire-proof, weather resistant, and insect proof. It can serve you for many decades. However, it is important to ensure proper roof construction.

Terracotta Clay Roof Tiles

Terracotta clay roof tiles are believed to be an excellent preference for summer because they do not absorb much heat. They are environmentally friendly, attractive, fire resistant, and durable. They can last for almost a century. Terra cotta clay roof tiles can withstand all weathers. Another remarkable fact about terra cotta clay roof tiles is they are recyclable.

Green Roof

Green roofs also known as living roofs are covered, partially or entirely, with soil or vegetation. Green roofs can absorb rainwater, offer insulation, and keep the property cool in summer.

We provide specialized roofing services in Surrey. Contact us for details.

Why Roof Repair Needs Should Never Be Neglected

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Walking into your home and getting to know that the roofs are leaking is something no one wants to get worried about. But to avoid that, it is important that you get the roofs repaired regularly for possible damages. Harsh weather, heat and rains may cause damage to the roof surfaces, no matter what kind of roof has been installed in your place. Roofs installed in homes or even in commercial properties is a significant segment of the building structure. A sturdy, strong roof installed and maintained with the help of specialists of roofing in Surrey will lead to long term benefits. These specialists will be there to you to serve in roof inspection and damage repair needs. Even in terms of roof maintenance, prevention of damages is better than calling for repair service professionals after severe roof leakage is caused.

Here are some reasons why you should never delay calling for roofing experts for roof maintenance:

Cracks in Ceilings May Grow With Time

Surfacial cracks in the roofs made because of changes in climatic conditions are generally invisible to the homeowners. But when they get neglected for a long time, these cracks may grow and reaches to the interiors. A heavy rainfall in such a situation will cause rainwater to seep into the cracks and cause leakages. Roofing experts suggest getting the roofs inspected for cracks and other damages at least once a year.

Higher Expense of Roof Repair or Installation

In older homes, roofs installed twenty – thirty years ago are found sagging and are not capable of withstand severe weather conditions. Living under such roofs is riskier and it will ask for either expensive roof repair or complete roof re-installation. Delaying to call for the roofers in such needs implies costlier roof repair requirements. Also, complete roof installation costs more than getting the damaged repaired on time. That is why it is generally the best advice given by roofing experts to save money with timely roof repair.

Your Commercial Property May Be At Risk

Roofs installed in commercial properties needs to be maintained and repaired more seriously. These places have complete business processes running under their roofs. Maintaining the roofs becomes a significant responsibility of the property owner which can be best served by calling for roofing experts.

Emergency roofing situations can be avoided when you get the installed roofs in your home and business places repaired timely.

Why Should You Hire An Expert in Commercial Roofing in Surrey?

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When it comes to hiring a roofing contractor for your commercial building in Surrey, never trust a novice. Hire only an expert commercial roofing contractor. Why? Here are the top reasons.

They Know the Building Code of Your City

Do you know the building code for commercial buildings in your city? The building code is a set of laws and regulations regarding the structures of buildings in the city. Their violation can be an expensive mistake. A novice may also not be fully aware about these codes. On the other hand, an expert roofing contractor who has been providing their services for many years knows about these codes and abide by them, too. While inspecting your roof if they notice the roof violates the rules and regulations, they will inform you about the same.

High-Quality Work

Hiring an experienced commercial roofing contractor will be an assurance of the quality work. A professional roofing contractor earns experience by working on plenty of projects. They make mistakes, fix them, and get a lesson to avoid them in their next projects. Gradually, a time comes when they become capable of performing a job perfectly without an error. So, it will be better to hire a commercial roofing contractor who has been providing their services for more than a decade. A roofing contractor cannot stay in the market for more than one decade without meeting the expectations of their customers.

Advice on the Best Materials

Different types of roofing materials are available in the market. A novice may struggle to suggest the best roofing material for your roof. But, an expert commercial roofing contractor will be able to recommend the best materials in no time.


Professional roofing contractors can save you money in two ways. They will help you get the best quality materials at the best price. Using the best quality materials in the best way will increase the life of the roof as well as keep your roof intact for long. Thus, you will not spend on their repair any soon.

Timely Completion of the Job

Nothing is more important to them than keeping their words because they know failing to meet their commitments will hamper their reputation in the market. So, they will do their best to complete the project in committed time. The time extends only if any unaccepted thing happens.

You Get a Warranty

A commercial roofing contractor will provide a warranty on their services. If you experience any problem with your roofing as per the conditions of the given warranty, they fix the problem without any charges.

Having read the blog, you must have come to know why we have advised you to hire an expert in commercial roofing Surrey. Don’t go anywhere in search of a reliable and affordable roofing contractor because you have already come to the right place. We have been providing commercial roofing in Surrey since 1984 and are recognized as one of the top-notch roofing contractors in the city. Give us a call now.

Three Benefits of Video Drainage Inspection

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Video drainage inspection is a quick, efficient, and nuisance-free way to diagnose a problematic drain. A great thing about video drainage inspection is that unlike manual inspection, a very small area is required to be broken in it. The problematic area is identified with the video camera, and only that area is broken. Moreover, after the repair is done, the drain system can be monitored to determine – everything is fine now.

Here are the top three benefits of video drainage inspection.

Saves Time

Identifying a drain problem and the problem location manually may take several hours, but it can be done in very little time – in an hour or two – via video inspection. As a result, you get the same day solution, too. But, you cannot get this assurance with manual inspection. The manual drain inspection may take almost the entire day, and the expert may have to come the next day, too, to fix the issue. Once their work is done, you have to call a mason to repair the broken floors and walls. Contrarily, when it is done with the help of a video, a very small portion is required to be broken, which can also be repaired the same day.

Saves Money

A manual inspection takes several hours that makes it an expensive process, whereas the video inspection takes a short time and due to which it is a cost-effective process. In manual inspection, that whole area in which your drains are installed may be broken to identify the problem. So, once the problem is fixed, you have to spend on their repair as well. On the other hand, when the drainage analysis and diagnosis is done with the help of a CCTV camera, the plumbers break only the area of problem that reduces the repair cost a lot.

Less Inconvenient

When drainage analysis, diagnosis, and repair are done manually, you notice debris everywhere, and you may feel problems in using your bathroom and kitchen until the problem is resolved.

If you ever face any problem with your drainage, then give a call to us. We are experts in Drainage in Surrey. We have been providing drainage solutions in Surrey for more than forty years and are recognized as one of the most reliable and affordable experts.

4 Reasons to Have a Professional Repair Your Commercial Roof

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No doubt, repairing a commercial roof seems pretty expensive, which is why most people in charge don’t think twice when it comes to taking the matter into their own hands. Well, it saves them money, but with no experience and skills, it makes the commercial roofing repair job unsafe. Also, the problem does not go away entirely unless you call in a professional to intervene and take it from there.

Let’s discuss four of the primary reasons to partner with a professional for commercial roof repair.

A Complex Repair: When it comes to repairing or installing a commercial roof, know that most of the roofing projects are complicated to handle on one’s own. Even the smallest repair can fool you into thinking that it can be well controlled, but the fact is that you cannot fix it single-handedly. You never know when things take an unexpected turn. When you leave the job to a pro, there are no chances for errors to occur. Professional commercial roofing contractors in Langley know what they are doing, and they do best.

Experience: Experience is another important reason you need to consider when looking for a professional for reliable and efficient commercial roof repair. If you spend a few hours educating yourself on how to fix a leaky or damaged roof, you will still not be able to get the result you’re after compared to what experienced commercial roofing contractors in Langley will.

Safety: As far as safety is concerned, fixing the roof by yourself won’t be a good idea. Working in an environment, you seem unfamiliar with, will be a compromise with your safety. Even if you have some people working with you on the roof, there are still high chances of getting hurt. It is usually the case when you don’t take right preventative measures.

The Tools & Equipment: It’s necessary to have the right set of tools and equipment when it comes to fixing a commercial roof in Langley, BC. Know that these tools don’t come cheap, and it’s not advisable to shell out big money on them. A professional roofing contractor you’re likely to hire for the job will come equipped with what’s needed to fix your commercial roof. Even if you have to pay, it will only be for the special equipment separately.

You can find many commercial roofing contractors in Langley, BC, who have a proven track record of producing reliable results for their clients. Working with a professional might cost you money and take your time, but the job they will accomplish is no less than a bang for your buck.

Williams Roofing & Drainage Ltd. is a professional roofing contractor who provides commercial roofing repair of the highest quality. Contact them to find out more about the services.